Inventory management
Multi Scan NXA83

Tankvision Multi Scan NXA83 wall mounted ©Endress+Hauser
Tankvision Multi Scan NXA83 - rack mounted ©Endress+Hauser

Acquires data from field instruments and communicates data to other system (Modbus or OPC)

The Multi Scan NXA83 scans parameters from tank gauges and performs tank calculations as one part of Tankvision. For a step by step site upgrade, the Multi Scan allows legacy protocol management as well as gradual upgrades for more flexibility. Tankvision is based on a distributed architecture on a local area network (LAN). Due to its modular structure it is ideally suited for medium size tank farms with only a few tanks, but also for large refineries with hundreds of tanks.

  • Avantajlar

    • Step-by-step site upgrade

    • Higher system availability

    • User access through the entire Network

    • Precise inventory

    • Simplified site approval procedures

  • Uygulama alanı

    • Scans parameters from tank gauges and performs tank calculations

    • Suited for tank farms with various protocols used for communicating with the installed field devices and/or redundancy needs

    • Provides data to host systems (such as PLC or DCS) via Modbus...

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