Omnigrad M TW15
Barstock thermowell

Omnigrad M TW15
Barstock thermowell ©Endress+Hauser
Omnigrad M TW15
Barstock thermowell ©Endress+Hauser

Thermowell made of drilled barstock material. Mainly used in heavy duty or industrial applications

Due to the challenging process conditions by heavy duty applications the load capacity of a thermowell must be calculated exactly. Dye penetration tests, ultrasound test, helium leakage test, pressure endurance test as well as various, non-destructive material tests prove the quality of materials and processing.

  • Avantajlar

    • Extension, immersion length and total length can be chosen according to process requirements

    • A wide choice of dimensions, materials and process connections is available

    • Special versions can be manufactured according to customer requirements

    • The process...

  • Uygulama alanı

    TW15 is designed for use with resistance and thermocouple thermometers in heavy duty applications.

    Modular configuration according to DIN 43772 (form 4/4F) enable a use in all industrial processes with severe thermal and mechanical stresses.

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