Oxymax W COS31

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  • Measuring principle

    Sensor Oxygen

  • Application

    Aeration tank, river monitoring, water treatment, fish farming.

  • Characteristic

    Amperometric 3-electrode sensor to measure dissolved oxygen.

  • Measurement range

    0mg/l ... 60mg/l

  • Measuring principle

    Closed membrane covered amperometric 3-electrode system.

  • Design

    - automatic adjustment for digitale or analoge communication depending on the transmitter.- Storage of the calibration datas in the sensor.- Extreme stable membrane.

  • Material

    Sensor body : stainless steel 1.4571Membrane cap : POM

  • Dimension

    Diameter : 40mm
    (1.56inch)Length : 220mm

  • Process temperature

    max. 50°C

  • Process pressure

    max. 10bar

  • Temperature sensor

    Integrated NTC-Sensor.

  • Connection

    - Fixed cable or TOP68.- Process : G1"

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