Oxymax COS21D

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  • Measuring principle

    Sensor Oxygen

  • Application

    Process control in enzyme production
    Control of culture growth
    Biotechnological production
    Food industry
    General process applications

  • Installation

    Standard process connection Pg 13.5
    Installation in standard pH assemblies possible

  • Characteristic

    Digital sensor for measuring dissolved oxygenSensor with long-term stability for frequent sterilization and autoclaving.
    Sensor for standard applications
    CO2 compatible trace sensor for the beverage industry
    Trace sensor in the power plant sector

  • Measurement range

    0,001 ... 20 mg/l
    0 ... 200 %SAT
    0 ... 400 hPa

  • Measuring principle

    Amperometric measurement of dissolved oxygen.

  • Design

    - Closed amperometric 2-electrode sensor covered with a PTFE membrane.- Sensor made of stainless steel.
    - Memosens-Technology

  • Material

    Sensorbody : stainless steelMembrane : PTFE coated stainless steel net with a silicone coating.

  • Dimension

    Diameter : 12mm (0.46inch)shaft length : 120,225,360 and 425mm
    (4.68,8.77,14.04 and 16,57inch)

  • Process temperature

    max. 130°C

  • Process pressure

    max. 4bar

  • Temperature sensor

    Integrated NTC temperature sensor

  • Connection

    Memosens-connection head

  • Additional certifications

    - material certification 3.1.B
    - Surface roughness Ra<0,8

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