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Industrial Ethernet Training EtherNet/IP

A hands-on based course, recognized in all industries

At the end of the course you will be able to design and commission an EtherNet/IP network.
Actual hands-on tasks will help you to understand how the EtherNet/IP technology works in detail. You will understand the benefits of the technology and know the procedure for troubleshooting.


  • In the theoretical part the following content is covered:
    ISO/OSI model, types of wires and components, network structures and network calculations and
    grounding and shielding concepts.

  • Drivers, name assignment and addressing, commissioning procedures and troubleshooting procedures.

  • In the practical part the following content is covered:
    Wiring of EtherNet/IP networks, device setup, commissioning of an own EtherNet/IP network, troubleshooting a EtherNet/IP network.


  • At the end of the course you will understand EtherNet/IP networks in an industrial environment. You will learn about the benefits of EtherNet/IP technology in industrial applications, but also about possible outside influences.

Kimler katılmalı?

  • Technicians/Maintenance Technicians

  • Service/Support Specialists

  • Supervisors

  • Programmers/Device Configurators

  • Engineers

Ön koşullar

Basic knowledge of electronics and ability to use a computer.


The training is Endress+Hauser certified.

Değerlendirme metotları

Participants are given time to work with the various components of an EtherNet/IP network.

We put emphasis on a balanced approach to theory and practice as well as a vendor-neutral atmosphere.

Mornings are spent learning the theoretical background and afternoons with the actual components and integration of the field devices into the system.
Almost half the course is spent on giving you ample opportunity to use what you have learned in hands-on tasks taken straight from our experience.


A hands-on based course, recognized in all industries.


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