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Instrumentation maintenance

Keep your processes safe and lean

Our instrumentation maintenance experts will partner with you to design and implement the optimal maintenance strategy for your process requirements, continuously enhancing the long-term reliability of your installed base.

How we can help

We combine in-depth process and instrumentation knowhow, on-site verification, and preventative maintenance, to deliver comprehensive and cost-effective maintenance services that ensure accurate and available measurement instrumentation vital to your processes.

  • Build your measurement confidence with on-site verification and detailed reporting

  • Decrease malfunction risk and plan interventions with a preventative maintenance approach

  • Improve your maintenance processes and activities with expert recommendations

  • Ensure compliance to safety, quality, and environmental requirements


  • Increase plant availability

    Global expertise and sensor data insights enable our skilled service engineers to predict issues and recommend optimal maintenance intervals, improving process efficiency and availability.

  • Mitigate risk

    We give full transparency on your instrumentation base, enabling insights to reduce complexity, minimize downtime, increase safety, and ensure compliance.

  • Improve process efficiency

    Our process consultants bring in-depth analysis and recommendations to optimize your maintenance processes and long-term asset management strategy.

Meet an expert

"Having our Installed Base Analysis service is like having a sports coach. Together we can cut maintenance costs, optimize maintenance performance, reduce risk and ultimately be more competitive."

Clive Poyser

Application Consultant - Service, Endress+Hauser Ltd. (UK)

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