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Engineering services

Instrumentation and application know-how to facilitate your projects

With over 60 years of field experience and cutting-edge engineering tools, our engineering services team proposes expert advice to ensure complete planning and design of the application, and a flexible choice of system components.

How we can help

For both new (green field) or modernization (brown field) plant projects, we help set targets, explore options, and make informed system decisions to enable long term production excellence.

  • Gain expert recommendations, from basic instrumentation engineering for plant automation through to the final Site Acceptance Test (SAT)

  • Obtain full documentation including system User and Functional Design Specifications (URS & FDS), essential plans, technical designs, and test reports

  • Ensure system performance with detailed quality testing as standard, including Factory and Site Acceptance Testing (FAT & SAT)


  • Ease planning and engineering

    Our industrial engineering services are designed to cost-effectively keep your project on schedule and ensure timely delivery on budget.

  • Enlist engineering excellence

    Our project management experience enables streamlined communications and coordination for efficient project execution.

  • Engage state-of-the-art methods

    We use standardized tools and documentation (CAD & CAE) for efficient, consistent data and information exchange, and reliable solution integration.

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